When Pregnant With Natural Vaginal Varicose, Here Is How To Overcome It

There are many disorders experienced by pregnant women one of which is varicose veins. Generally varicose veins are experienced by women in the area of ​​the legs and legs. But this condition can also occur in the vagina.

Varicose veins in the vagina are called vulva varicosities. This condition is experienced in the vaginal wall. Although not too dangerous, but if not resolved will cause annoying problems.

This condition generally occurs at the age of pregnancy entering the third trimester. This is because the more gestational age increases, the amount of blood will also increase. This is because this condition appears due to the amount of blood during pregnancy.

Not only that, vaginal varicose veins can also occur due to increased pregnancy hormones, such as the hormones estrogen and progesterone, during pregnancy. This hormone will cause the walls of blood vessels to weaken and swell, making it susceptible to vaginal varicose veins.

To overcome this condition, there are several ways that pregnant women can do, the following as summarized Indozone from various sources:

Avoid sitting and standing for too long, you should change the sitting position of the mother after a few minutes.

Compress the pubic area using cold water.

Wear underwear specifically designed for sufferers of vaginal varicose veins.

When lying down raise your legs and pelvis.

Doing exercise regularly to maintain the blood cycle

source: indozone